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Greg’s 60th Birthday


Greg's 60th BirthdayWe took Friday off to head up to the cabin to celebrate Greg’s 60th birthday with him; we didn’t expect to be greeted with close to a foot of fresh powder at an almost empty Bear Valley ski resort!  The fact that we all had complimentary lift tickets from when we saw the latest Warren Miller flick made the powder day all that much better.  Greg was working the powder on his new skis like a man about to celebrate his 40th!  We ran into the Rayborns on the mountain and all got to hold baby Kate after we were done on the slopes.  We also took a nice hike around Big Trees State Park and had an awesome feast of rib eyes, mashed potatoes, Jenni V’s famous prosciutto pumpkin salad and a fabulous homemade cheesecake (Andi’s recipe) for Greg’s birthday dinner.  Thanks for turning 60, Greg!

Greg's 60th BirthdayGreg's 60th Birthday 
Father and daughter take a ride up the chairlift (left), and Greg showing us youngens how it’s done (right)

Greg's 60th BirthdayGreg's 60th Birthday
Me with Bear Boogie all to myself on the back side of Bear Valley

Greg's 60th BirthdayGreg's 60th BirthdayGreg's 60th Birthday 
Greg enjoying his new skis in Porridge Bowl (middle and right)

Greg's 60th BirthdayGreg's 60th BirthdayGreg's 60th Birthday 
Fresh powder on Feather Duster (left), some time with baby Kate Rayborn after skiing (middle), and Andi’s cheesecake recipe does it again (right)

Greg's 60th BirthdayGreg's 60th Birthday 
Happy 60th Greg (left), and the overflow of Lakemont Pines Lake (right)

Greg's 60th BirthdayGreg's 60th Birthday 
The overflow of Lakemont Pines Lake (left), and looking east toward the Dardanelles during our hike in Big Trees State Park (right)


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  1. Randy & Gail says:

    Looks like it was a great time. Thanks for sharing pics. Hugs, G…

  2. Lynn Westoby says:

    You’re such a great son-in-law! Wish we were there to celebrate with you guys. Greg deserved a great weekend. More to come in Banff and Lake Louise – enjoy!


  3. Laura & Jerry says:

    What can I say? You guys are awesome! Thanks for sharing. Great pics!

  4. Greg says:

    I am humbled by the circle of love and the fortune of good health.

  5. Idaho Youngs says:

    Timing is everything when it comes to skiing…awesome powder. Greg you’re looking good on those new skis. Hope you had a GREAT 60th. Hugs to you all from the Idaho Youngs.