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Mountain Biking Control Check


IMG_6233I learned a little lesson today, the hard way.  I learned that it’s not a good idea to lead a very competent mountain biker down a fast, wet, narrow, steep, rock-strewn single-track if you are at all concerned with maintaining the integrity of your bike.  I think there’s something with hearing that additional freewheel buzzing behind you, the extra set of forks compressing and rebounding a few meters back that pushes you just a little too fast.  Yes, this could have been a lot worse: I could have been hurt or, God forbid, the boulder that turned my cranks into something akin to a bent pancake could have hit my frame instead of the chain-rings.  I’ve seen a few bent chain-rings in my time (thankfully never mine before) but never anything done this well.  Breaks my heart to see a set of XTR cranks looking like this…

Mum or Dad, if you’re reading this I’m sorry, I promise to go slower in the future.

IMG_6235IMG_6234IMG_6232 IMG_6238IMG_6239IMG_6240


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  1. Lil D says:

    Just leave it to Valt! If you’re going to do it Valt…you do it right!!!

  2. Chris says:

    Man you turned those there cranks into mush. Hope you got it all sorted out OK. Not a cheap lil’ indiscretion. Like you said all good you are fine.